What We Do

We make comprehensible and usable information from places where markets don’t work properly. And the biggest of these is China.

There is no single rule of law in China. Running the country requires a range of techniques. Understanding these methods provides an array of useful, usable information: how policies may be drafted and decisions made; how much leeway is given for local experiments; how previous methods worked, or didn’t.

Rather than trying to find out secret information, we read the signals given within China to the millions of Party members and government employees. These are used to make databases, which are mapped to Chinese social and official media. These regularly updated data change our judgments, which are weighted by internal discussion and debate as well as through automatic model.

We make everything transparent and traceable. Chinese politics remain little understood, and even less analysed. This must change. That can only change if we make all of our assumptions open to the outside world. We do not make our data openly available, but custom sets for replication can be made for clients.

This is all provided in a simple interface that can be built on by other parties.