Regulatory mapping

We provide maps, baselines and regularly updated indices as to regulatory changes in China at central, provincial and municipal levels of government. We build you an intuitive map, one that makes sense of China, and that you can adjust to your own work.

Regular Updates

Every weeknight, we’ll send you what China is telling its officials they should think that day— distilled into a one-page briefing. We distill and decode China’s own official instructions to an easily-digestible form, based on the Presidential Daily Briefing.

You also get monthly access to our own internal and other top analysts, with calls delving into topics such as financial updates and major shifts in policy. Finally, you have access to regular events, from intimate dinners to larger gatherings with marquee speakers.

Research consultancies

We regularly perform consulting engagements for clients. These include reports on overviews of areas or topics; breaking trends; or our judgment on major events. We also undertake bespoke research, often for due diligence assignments. We occasionally do strategy work on areas of deep expertise such as health, education and the Belt and Road Initiative.

Non-profit work

Along with our commercial work, we also care about work that advances public knowledge of China. We aim to help the media, governments and academics design better research, collect better data, and make better use of the information they generate.

Our research consultancy services range from training in research method and data management and analysis to working with media to improve reporting on Chinese politics. We help researchers develop media programs and communication skills, with a particular emphasis on data visualisation and writing skills. We also mentor young researchers. If you’d like to work with us on that, please contact us.