Academic models and frameworks remain the gold standard for rigorous analysis. But they are slow, and are often applied to fine details, rather than filling the whole canvas.

The only way around this is to be systematic and to use one’s databases to analyse events in real time. This improves decision making; save time for anyway seeking access to China; and make investors more confident when allocating their portfolio. They can also be tied to various indices.

  • Our Process

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    We use an unparalleled database of documents, people, and reveal the precise contours of China's dual Communist Party and government bureaucracies, from the inner circle in Beijing all the way down to the village level. Our unique methods make this comprehensible and available to you in an easy to use form.

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    Our data assets and methodology allows us to analyse questions, events, and new developments far quicker than any other actor on the market. We get you deeper answers, faster.

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    All of our models, frameworks, tools and data were originally developed and tested in world-class universities. Our policy analyses are informed by years advising leaders and national security committees. We have trained others for many years in the most.

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    We make matters clear, and easy to follow. Our research, analysis and opinion is used by media, including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, FT, the New Yorker and Economist. Our data and graphics work has been tested in banks, management consulting firms, and major media outlets.