Our work and research has been quoted and used by the New Yorker, Economist, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, FT, Reuters, ABC, Bloomberg, and others.

Our databases include:

  • Leadership: All of China’s leaders from 1949, ranked by position and their powers.
  • Party Decrees: All Party documents on government policy since 1949
  • Government Policies: All major government policies, rules and regulations since 1981
  • Party Rules: All the policies and rules the Party uses to run itself, since 1949
  • Important Documents: The documents chosen by the Party as the ‘most important’ since 1949
  • Newspaper Editorials: People’s Daily newspaper authoritative editorials by rank since 1949
  • Newspaper Articles: All People’s Daily newspaper articles since 1949
  • Speeches: The major speeches, judged by the Party to be ‘most important’ since 1979
  • Ideological Statements: The overarching ideological formulations and speeches of China’s leaders since 1979
  • Laws and Legislation: All of China’s laws, rules, and other legislation since 1979.